We will soon be sticking a few picz on this site.


Even a few recent ones taken after I escaped from the secure unit.


But as we were too pissed to take photographs when we played gigs, we would like anyone who, for some bizzare reason, still has pics or recordings or video of us on stage, or when we did the telly, to drop us an email.


PLUS - is there anyone with a recording of the beautiful love song: I DON'T CARE WHAT DISEASES YOU GOT.


I've forgotten the words - I can only remember it rhymed 'diarrhoea' with 'cauliflower ear' and finished with the beguiling line: 'C'mon baby, hear my heart go thump - If you got the stomach, I got the pump'.


This song is too important to be lost to the nation - so cough up!

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